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Team PRiME@UoFT will be running/walking in the #MarathonofHope on Sept 19th!! Links to join our team or sponsor us for this virtual event:
#TerryFoxTeams #TryLikeTerry

"Many hundreds of predictive tools were developed [to fight COVID-19]. None of them made a real difference, and some were potentially harmful."

Why weren't AI tools impactful in the fight against the pandemic? @techreview @turinginst

#MedicinebyDesign's Executive Director @michael_sefton receives a $430,000 grant from @JDRF_Canada to continue studying a method of transplanting insulin-secreting cells to treat diabetes without injection. Read more: #BeyondInsulin #Insulin100

Interested in @workingatuoft? We're hiring! Join #TorontoSRI as Research & Communications Specialist. Closing date is August 4, 2021.

Regulation vs. no regulation of tech is "a false dichotomy," writes @StanfordCyber's @MarietjeSchaake in the @FinancialTimes. "It's time the debate about regulating technology reached a more sophisticated and substantial level."

An app on your phone is asking for permission to access your location. What do you do?

#TorontoSRI Research Leads Lisa Austin (@UTLaw) and David Lie (@eceuoft) conducted a new study on why we grant or deny app requests. #UofT

Episode 7 of the "Healthy #Cities in the SDG Era" podcast series – 'Zero Hunger' - feat. Dr. Valerie Tarasuk and Allison Daniel, with host @ed4socialchange, focuses on the impacts that hunger & #FoodInsecurity have both in #Canada, and globally.
Listen at:

“Authoritarians hold their regimes together using the glue of fear & lies, and they use technology to increase the threat they pose to citizens'...personal #Privacy. We must prevent the possibility that there will be nowhere in the world safe from menace.”

Munk School @munkschool

You may not know @citizenlab
researcher @jsrailton. But you should.

"For many #Cities with #Sustainable and circular ambitions, knowing where to start can be the biggest barrier."
#Prague leads the charge in shaping a local #CircularEconomy. Read more at the link below.

Interested in @workingatuoft? We're hiring! Join #TorontoSRI to provide administrative assistant support to the Institute and Director @ghadfield. Closing date is August 8, 2021. #UofT #CdnPSE

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? We do! So thrilled to see our community grow in the last couple of years. #MyTwitterAnniversary

"Political scientist Dr. Robert Muggah explores the effects of the coronavirus #Pandemic and national lockdowns, using #Data from Nasa, Transport for London, Johns Hopkins University and more." via @BBCWorld

We're hiring! We're looking for a new scientific manager to join the team at #MedicinebyDesign. Apply or pass on to anyone who may be interested:

The new #InfrastructureInstitute at the #SofC is looking for an #Infrastructure Fellow to undertake primary #research on a topic of their choosing.
Application review begins Aug. 15, until filled.

Details at

#UrbanPlanning #Fellowship #UofT #UTM #UTSC

Check out @hiddenflorence Project!

An app that enables users to navigate Florence toggling between a modern & a superbly detailed sixteenth-century map
More here:
(images taken from HF website)
#digitalhumanities #italy #apps #renaissance #history

For machine learning models to be robust and up to date, we must constantly update the data they use. @JacobSteinhardt and @hlntnr explore in @BrookingsInst.

Join the @UofG_SES & @LMTozer tomorrow, July 28, at 3 PM (EDT) for "Climate Action in #Cities" - to learn how cities are tackling the #ClimateCrisis to reach carbon neutrality & increase resiliency to #Climate change impacts.

Learn more & RSVP at

Check out this project!

Canada Declassified is a digital repository of government records declassified under the Canadian Access to Information Act.
Visit their website here:

#Canada #20thcentury #ColdWar #digitalhumanities #Omeka @CADeclassified

Are you a #PostDoctoral researcher with a passion to address #Urban Inequality, #Transportation Technology & Services, #Climate Change & Health, & #Designing for Disruption?
Apply to be a fellow at the #Mobility Lab at #SofC!
Detailed #Job description at

Maryam Faiz @UofTSurgery became excited about a career in research during her post-doc, when the "feeling of unmitigated possibility really left a mark." Now, she studies reprogramming cells for brain repair. Read her #PeopleofMedicinebyDesign profile:

New: #TorontoSRI Faculty Affiliate @LauraCRosella and collaborators are using a machine learning model to predict incidence of type 2 diabetes and analyze factors influencing people's risk level for the disease.

Read more at @UofTNews:

🔍Profile of #TorontoSRI Faculty Affiliate @prof_lyons on page 12 of the @UofTInfoFaculty magazine! Lyons gives her personal perspective on the effects of COVID-19 during her time serving as Dean’s Advisor on Pandemic Planning and Response.

Read it here:

Over the past 2 weeks, @UofTPRiME & @MbD_UofT hosted the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovation Showcase, featuring renowned researchers from #UofT & its affiliated hospitals, industry leaders & exceptional trainees. Read the event recap & watch the videos here:

An innovation that will transform the future of medicine: "DeepMind's new database provides predictions for more than double the number of known protein structures to date."

Our Cell and Gene Therapies Innovation Showcase, co-hosted with @MbD_UofT, featured leaders from academia & industry, as well as trainees, from our local ecosystem. Read & watch about novel strategies and enabling technologies poised to advance the field:

The Juba Project explores minstrelsy from a historical & dramaturgical perspective
named after early minstrelsy's most famous & most unusual early practitioner, explores the phenomenon both from a historical & a dramaturgical perspective

“Perhaps we should start thinking about the 15 minute city…as a place where streets themselves are commonly regarded as places where people can gather and enjoy themselves”

Read Alan Ehrenhalt’s article @GOVERNING on the rebirth of 15 minute #Cities.

Thank you to speakers from #UofT, @aspectbiosys and @Excellthera at Day 2 of the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase. Thanks for sharing your inspiring enabling technologies with the @MbD_UofT and @UofTPRiME communities.

Getting started with @ShanaOKelley @UofTPRiME at the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase today, focusing on enabling technologies. Hosted by @MbD_UofT and @UofTPRiME.

"Privacy is not free," writes @avicgoldfarb on the #TorontoSRI blog.

While protecting privacy is key, there are also costs associated. Could privacy regulations further solidify the dominant market positions of big players like Google? @rotmanschool

"#Summer just started in the Northern Hemisphere, but #Cities everywhere have already been impacted by unprecedented extreme heat and must plan for heat #Resilience now..."

ICYMI: Watch the talks from Day 1 of the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase, which hosted speakers from #UofT, @UHN, @panCELLaInc and more!

Join Day 2 of the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase tomorrow at 1 p.m., focusing on enabling technologies. Featuring speakers from #UofT,@Excellthera & @aspectbiosys. Read more & register:

Check out the Kiinawin Kawindomowin Story Nations Project!

(Images taken from KKWSN website and Manitou Mounds website)
#DigitalHumanities #Indigenous #Canada #history #decolonization #religion

Starting in less than an hour!
Join host @paologranata for a 12-hour long celebration of Marshall McLuhan's legacy and impact with a panel of great speakers.

Details at

Join in to discuss the key findings of the report, "Rebuilding for a #Resilient Recovery: Planning in California's Wildland #Urban Interface," the policy implications & options for a more resilient path forward to rebuilding after the fire. Today at 4 pm (EST) | 1 pm (PT).

Karen Chapple @profchapple

Join me, @roboplanning, and @next10's Colleen Kredell for a discussion about resilience, fire, and the housing crisis tomorrow! @UofTCities @UCBDisplacement

Tomorrow is the second half of our Cell and Gene Therapies Innovation Showcase, co-hosted with @MbD_UofT! Join us for this event discussing enabling technologies from leading PIs, industry leaders, and trainees. Info and registration:

“Being an ally is not about a single act or statement, but a lifelong commitment to do the work more authentically.“

This op-ed by @kofi_hope in @TorontoStar reflects on being an effective ally to #IndigenousPeoples & gives us #FoodForThought this AM.

"It’s reasonable to overcome our fear that the food we eat might make us sick with the confidence that food safety rules are working reasonably well."

#TorontoSRI Director @ghadfield explains why we need not fear #AI if we build good regulatory systems.

Welcoming three new #regenmed investigators to the #MedicinebyDesign community, Kristin Hope and Courtney Jones @pmcancercentre and @MBPatUofT and Chao Wang @Sunnybrook and #immunology @uoftmedicine. Read more ➡️

Last call for 4th-yr #UofT undergrads to apply for the Multidisciplinary #Urban Capstone Project - a unique opportunity that gives students a chance to design solutions for real-life urban challenges.

Read more & apply before 5 pm (EST) today at

Check out The LGBTQ Collaboratory!
The Collaboratory connects scholars, activists, & archives across Canada & the U.S. to produce a collaborative, digital history hub for gay, lesbian, queer, & trans* oral histories.
#digitalhumanities #lgbthistory

It's a wrap on today's Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase. If you haven't already, register to join day 2 on Wed, July 21, at 1pm.

☑️The topic is enabling technologies
📢Speakers will be from @UofT, @aspectbiosys and @Excellthera
➡️Register at

Dr. Christoph Haller, surgeon @SickKidsNews and PhD candidate at the Laflamme lab @McEwenInstitute discusses stem cell therapy to improve heart function at the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase. @UofTPRiME

How are algorithms influencing the production and consumption of culture? Our most recent publication on #AI, music recommendation, and cultural consumption argues the impacts are profound and far-reaching.

Read more:

At the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase, #MedicinebyDesign-funded investigator Maryam Faiz @UofTSurgery discusses her team's direct reprogramming of neural cells to improve stroke recovery. @UofTPRiME

#MedicinebyDesign-funded investigator, Andras Nagy, discusses fail safe, off-the-shelf therapeutic cells being developed by @panCELLaInc at the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase. @UofTPRiME

At the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase, Daniel Wang @DanielWang_SC from the @KelleyLabUofT discusses his team's cell sorting technology. @UofTPRiME

Quinn Matthews @quinnmatthewsm1 from the @PardeeLab talks about his team's portable platform for synthesis of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) at the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase. @UofTPRiME

Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase speaker and #MedicinebyDesign-funded investigator Shinichiro Ogawa @ogshinichiro discusses his lab's liver cell therapies. @UofTPRiME

Want to attend #TMM2021? PRiME will be giving away a handful of free registrations to the event to trainees. Attend the Cell and Gene Therapies Innovation Showcase and tell us one take-away that you've learned (tweet or email). @StemCellNetwork

At the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase, Shreya Shukla @shukshre talks about Notch’s platform technology developing renewable, stem cell-derived immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases such as diabetes. @UofTPRiME

Excited to get underway at the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase! #MedicinebyDesign executive director @michael_sefton introduces Shreya Shukla @shukshre from Notch Therapeutics Hosted along with @UofTPRiME.

Check out Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance!
A bibliography of more than 1.45 million citations for secondary source material about the Middle Ages & Renaissance, 400-1700
More here:
#digitalhumanities #bibliography #middleages #renaissance

Your data is being collected by commercial entities as you go about your day. Is there a way we could use this existing data for public good—such as the fight against COVID-19?

We tackled this complex problem with @MaRSDD and @TorontoRBOT. Read more:

"...versions of this End of Cities prediction prevailed during the pandemic even among people who live in cities themselves..." @emilymbadger discusses the increase in popularity of narratives predicting the demise of #Cities, during the #Pandemic.

We've created a Linktree if you'd all like to catch us on other platforms! Check the link in bio!
#CDHI #digitalhumanities #linktree

"When we digitize our faces, we become data," writes Wendy H. Wong (@wendyhwong). “Data can be copied, transferred, and analyzed indefinitely... In the age of datafication, it has become almost impossible to take ‘consent’ as meaningful.”

Read more here:

Academia & industry speakers will come together at the Cell & Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase kicking off on Thursday. Learn about cell & gene therapies and enabling technologies in the Canadian ecosystem. Hosted with @UofTPRiME Read more & register:

Our partners in the AI Stream at Toronto's @creativedlab are looking for founders developing complements to support the enablement and expansion of #responsibleAI.

Interested? Learn more at webinars held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout July.

Is the global nature of digital technologies and privacy an argument in favour of a federal approach to their regulation?

New on the #TorontoSRI site: guest blogger and @UTLaw alum @gerrykees explores Canadian federalism and Bill C-11.

Read more:

"I want everybody to have a sense of freedom and feel the city beneath their feet."

2021 #SofC Fellow Rhonda Solomon, Phd student in Urban Planning @UTM, speaks about her work with #Accessibility of public toilets in #Cities in her interview.

Phd Candidate in Social and Behavioural Health Sciences, 2021 #SofC Fellow @michelle_amri shares her research in #Health policy and reducing health inequities in #Cities.

Read more about Michelle:

Explore her research: