Season 2 of Groundbreakers series: Diverse research communities solving the world’s grand challenges

Celine Xiao speaks with Ainka Jess in a lab, both are in white coats.

Published on Sep 29, 2022


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The premiere episodeoffers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how researchers are tackling climate change and renewable energy challenges from scientific, social, economic and policy perspectives. They include: David Sinton, director of the Climate Positive Energy strategic initiative and a professor in the department of mechanical and industrial engineering; Celine Xiao, a PhD candidate in the Sinton Lab and co-founder of the E-Quester carbon capture team; and Kate Neville, associate professor in the department of political science and School of the Environment in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

What excites me about the strategic initiatives are the people behind these large research networks that are bringing together diverse communities to solve the world’s grand challenges.

Timothy Chan, Associate Vice-President and Vice-Provost, Strategic Initiatives

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