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U of T Data Sciences Institute trains workers in data analytics, applied machine learning

A new training initiative launched by the DSI is helping Canada meet its growing need for talent in data science and machine learning. Powered by Upskill Canada, the Data Science and Machine Learning Software Foundations Certificates aim to upgrade workers' skills in fast-growing fields

Data Sciences Institute’s Research Day Unveils the Power of Data

In a data-driven day, more than 250 individuals gathered to unveil the stories embedded within the numbers. The Data Sciences Institute’s first annual Data Science Research Day brought together data science enthusiasts from all corners to celebrate the fusion of data, innovation, and collaboration.

DSI and UNICEF Collaborate to Advance Data Science Research and Training

In a significant collaboration aimed at advancing data science research and training, the Data Sciences Institute (DSI) at the University of Toronto is partnering with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)’s Frontier Data and Tech team to leverage data for addressing complex challenges concerning children. This collaborative effort aligns with DSI’s strategic goal of fostering […]
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Data, Heat and Parks: DSI Funded Researchers explore the Connection

Hotter days in Toronto mean more people flocking to parks for relief, but just how are these green spaces being utilized during extreme heat? University of Toronto researchers, who were awarded the Data Access Grant by the Data Sciences Institute, are analyzing patterns of human activity, park usage and air temperatures to shed light on the impact of extreme […]
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U of T researchers developing AI system to tackle harmful social media content

What if we used artificial intelligence to combat such harmful content such as hate speech and misinformation? That’s the goal of a team of University of Toronto researchers who were awarded a Catalyst Grant by the Data Sciences Institute (DSI) to develop an AI system to address the marginalization of communities in data-centric systems – including social media platforms such as Twitter.
Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher, a post-doctoral researcher at U of T's Data Sciences Institute, is studying traffic "stress" in Toronto in order to pinpoint where more cycling infrastructure is needed (photo by Johnny Guatto)

Shifting gears: How data science led Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher from studying germ models to bike lanes

A cycling activist, Bonsma-Fisher is studying traffic patterns as part of her post-doctoral research at the University of Toronto’s Data Sciences Institute, an institutional strategic initiative that is a tri-campus hub for number crunchers across disciplines. Before that, she modelled evolutionary interactions between microbes. The common thread? Data and data analysis.

Celebrating the first Graduates of the Data Sciences Institute’s Professional Data Science Certificate Program

This spring, Data Sciences Institute celebrates the graduation of the first cohort of students that are completing the Data Science Certificate program.

Polygenic Risk Score Grant Winners Announced: Advancing Genomic Medicine Through Innovative Research

The Data Sciences Institute (DSI) is pleased to announce the recipients of the DSI-McLaughlin Centre Polygenic Risk Score Grant competition. This grant, created in partnership with the University of Toronto’s McLaughlin Centre and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, aims to support emerging research and build capacity in the field of polygenic risk score studies. Polygenic risk scores enable researchers to use multiple genetic factors to estimate an individual’s genetic risk for complex diseases, providing important information for predicting, preventing and treating diseases.
UTSC Professors Guillaume Filion and Minoru Koyama looking at a pair of computer screens

Revolutionizing Neuroscience with DSI Catalyst Grant: UTSC Professors Harness the Power of Machine Learning

Professors Guillaume Filion and Minoru Koyama, DSI members from the University of Toronto Scarborough’s Department of Biological Sciences, are advancing neuroscience with an innovative approach through the help of the Data Sciences Institute Catalyst Grant. Their work repurposes technology found in Google Translate and DeepL to translate images of brain activity into movements, offering a powerful understanding of the relationship between the brain and behaviour.
Leah Cowen and another scientist in a lab

Canada’s opportunity in the future of genomics

One of U of T’s strengths lie in human genomics, which is supported by top-ranked faculty and researchers, anchored by a strong network of affiliated hospitals and medical research centers. Together, this network continues to advance frontiers of knowledge in critical areas of genomics including genetic susceptibility to disease, personalized medicine, machine learning for biomedical data, and more. Innovation hubs like the Emerging and Pandemic Infections Consortium (EPIC), Precision Medicine Initiative (PRiME), Medicine by Design, and the Structural Genomics Consortium are part of a network of high-impact interdisciplinary research centres that leverage areas of focus such as infectious disease, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, drug discovery, open science and more.
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From mapping stars to helping youth escape poverty, student researchers break new ground

Learn more about the work of student researchers supported by the DSI, the BRN and School of Cities.
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Inaugural DSI Catalyst Grants support transformative data science research

The Data Sciences Institute (DSI) at the University of Toronto is funding seventeen cross-disciplinary research teams focused on using the transformative nature of data sciences to solve complex and pressing problems. “The global and research challenges we face today are increasingly complex. The DSI Catalyst Grant projects bring together collaborative research teams focused on the […]

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